Pocket Change History


Pocket change is was founded in 2016 to provide additional pockets to women. Diana Painter started the business after spending the day with some friends, one of who didn’t have any pockets in her dress, and who made the rest of the group hold her phone all day. Many people’s lives would have been improved that day if only the dress had had pockets!

Women’s clothing has always been a passion of Diana’s since she was a child and made clothing for her dolls. She began making her own clothing at 8 years old when she realized she couldn’t get exactly what she wanted at the stores. At barely 18, she started at FIDM in Los Angeles, finishing the Fashion Design program in just 18 months. She went on to work for a menswear company, where pockets were never ignored. It was working in men’s clothing where she realized how social and class inequality were experienced everyday in the clothing people wear. This experience lead her to go on for another degree in anthropology, learning how different cultures and groups experience the world. Since 2005, Diana has been a professional social activist, as well as a seamstress and tailor.