We Want Pockets Now

Anahit Hovhannisyan over at the Polytechnic wants pockets. She writes

“Our country has successfully overlooked and intentionally idled on one of the most essential problems in the United States of America: missing pockets.

Once upon a time, there existed a world where both women and men had clothing with pockets to defend themselves from thieves. Sadly, all went awry during the late eighteenth century, when a distinction grew between fashion and function. Women’s clothing evolved from puffy skirts to slim silhouettes. Over time, matters only grew worse and decorative handbags emerged as a fashion statement. Now, don’t get me wrong. I can appreciate looking good, but why can’t we have both?”

You can! That’s why we exist. Women deserve pockets!

She continues, [take a deep breath, ladies, because you are about to sigh]

“One step worse than pocketless clothing is clothing with fake pockets—yes, such an abomination exists. Companies produce articles of clothing that have the appearance of pockets but none of the functionality. Why spend the time and money making pockets only to sew them shut? It’s like dangling a sense of hope and then taking it right back. Think of offering candy to a child and then throwing it on the floor. How do you think the child feels? How do you think I feel?”

Sister, we understand, and we’ve got you.

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